Announcing OnStar MyLink

Owners of select 2011 & newer Chevrolets can now link their iPhone or Android devices to their vehicle through OnStar.
General Motors and OnStar have released a new mobile application that will allow Chevrolet owners to connect to their vehicles and access important information about their car. This is now available for owners of select 2011 & newer Chevrolets that have an iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry device.

onstar phone app

OnStar MyLink brings you a whole new level of connectivity and security between you and your new Chevrolet.

New Chevrolet owners can look forward to using the mobile app to:

  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Start vehicles remotely
  • Activate the horn and lights to help locate the vehicle
  • Contact an OnStar Advisor, roadside assistance, or their preferred dealer
  • View real-time fuel information, including fuel range, gallons of gas remaining, and lifetime MPG
  • Check remaining oil life
  • View current tire pressure readings and recommendations
  • Access account information
  • Initiate route navigation

New users will need to have an active OnStar account to use this app.

OnStar MyLink Compatible Devices:

  • iPhone and iPod Touch devices - visit the AppStore and search for "OnStar MyLink"
  • Android mobile device running Android OS 2.1 or later - visit the Android Market and search for "OnStar MyLink"
  • Windows phone device with OS version 7.5+
  • Blackberry phone device with OS version 7.1+

OnStar MyLink is compatible with the following Chevrolet models:

For more information, visit the OnStar MyLink product page.