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Frequently Asked Questions




Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes Roy Robinson's vehicle protection plans different than other contracts on the market?

A: Roy Robinson Chevrolet-Subaru and MH is a reputable dealership with 52yrs of experience in creating the perfect protection packages customized to fit your specific driving needs. We carry exclusionary policies. These policies cover all items except those on the "excluded items" list. This type of protection equates to a more expansive coverage plan for you. Our warranties also cover wear and tear where many policies available plainly state that the breakdown must be "sudden and unforseen." Unlike some policies available, our coverages can be used at any licensed repair facility within the US and Canada. Most policy options also support car rental, 24/7 roadside assistance, trip interruption reimbursement and may also be transferred.


Q: Do i have to pay up front for repairs and then wait to be reimbursed?

A: You will only be responsible for any non-coverd items and your correlating deductible if applicable.


Q: If my vehicle is still under the manufacturers coverage, why would i want to buy a vehicle protection policy?

A: The manufacturer gives a standard 3y/36k mile warranty with all new vehicles. This time frame takes care of factory defects and issues arrising from the build. The time following this coverage is where the risk factor begins, with more wear and tear being established on the vehicle parts will begin to fail causing costly repairs. Having an extended protection policy to cover you for this next season of ownership is so important in protecting you finacially. Purchasing an extention in coverage while still under the factory's protection means lower costs on policies because the vehicle will still be considered new.


Q: Can i do my own maintenance?

A: Yes. You may do your own maintenance as long as you keep stringent records with date and mileage recordings. However, if you do something to the vehicle that causes a breakdown to occur and can be directly related to the self service you performed, the breakdown may not then be covered. Roy Robinson Chevrolet-Subaru & MH always recommend's having a licensed mechanic care for you investment.


Q: Can i finance the cost of the vehicle protection policy or do i have to pay cash?

A: Both. Depending on your financial structure, you may have the option of financing the policy within the loan, setting the protection on a separate payment plan schedule or paying with cash or credit card.


Q: Do i have to return to the issuing dealer for repairs?

A: Not necessarily. If you are within 50 miles of the purchasing dealer the vehicle protection plan asks you to take it there. If you are farther than 50 miles you may take the vehicle to the nearest licensed mechanic to be repaired and with towing available getting there should be a breeze.


Q: What is GAP protection?

A: Gap protection has become so important during these economical times. With customers financing more and putting less money down the "gap" between what the vehicle is actually worth to an insurance company and what you may owe to the bank can vary greatly. If the vehicle is totalled for any reason or stolen and never recovered during your loan term, the gap will pay the remainder left over after the insurance company has applied their assessed cash value. Our gap companies will also pay the deductible with your insurance company of up to $1000.00